Partnering on OSCE workshop on preventing torture in police custody

Vienna, Austria - 28 March 2017

The CTI is co-organising, together with the Permanent Mission of Denmark to the OSCE and OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, a workshop on 28 March in Vienna, to discuss with and sensitize OSCE participating States on how procedural and substantive safeguards can be put in place to prevent torture and other ill-treatment during police custody.

The workshop will highlight how police and law enforcement have used such safeguards to strengthen effective criminal investigation, prosecution and conviction, as well as in some instances, protecting the police against false accusations of abuse. Good practice examples from the OSCE region may be discussed and animate OSCE participating States to further engage in reviewing interrogation methods in light of the prevention of torture and OSCE commitments.

OSCE participating States will also be informed of the on-going discussion on a “universal protocol on humane investigative interviewing” and invite them to consider supporting the development of such a protocol.

Panellists include Mr. Asbjørn Rachlew, Superintendent of Norwegian Police and Current Researcher at Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (Norway), Mr. Michael Kühl, German Police Officer (ret.) and international consultant on rule of law and community policing (Germany) and Dr. Octavian Ichim, Europe and Central Asia Programme Officer, Association for the Prevention of Torture (Switzerland). The workshop will be moderated by Dr. Alice Edwards, Head of the Secretariat of the CTI.

The workshop is supported by the Permanent Delegations to the OSCE of Austria (holding the Chairmanship in 2017), France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.