About the CTI

The CTI is a unique, global initiative of the Governments of Chile, Denmark, Fiji,* Ghana, Indonesia and Morocco - all States strategically located in different regions throughout the world.

* Fiji joined the Core States in February 2019.

The CTI core principle is that of States helping States. It operates on the basis that no State has a perfect record when it comes to the implementation of the Convention against Torture. Instead, CTI offers support to States to ratify and implement the Convention as successfully as they can. 

The CTI Core States enjoy the support of a full time Secretariat, based in Geneva. The CTI also benefits from expert advice and support from the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT), a leading international torture prevention NGO. 

The CTI is also supported by its Group of Friends consisting of UN Member States, torture prevention experts and non-governmental organizations. 

All States considering ratification or better implementation of the UN Convention against Torture should see what help CTI can offer.