CTI tools

The CTI is currently working with expert partners to prepare a number of tools and guides. 

These will assist officials to understand and implement the Convention more effectively and will be available free of charge on this website. Tools and guides available or in the process of being prepared include:

  • A tool to assist officials understand the ratification process with a view to briefing their senior managers and ministers effectively on what steps need to be taken to ratify the Convention
  • Online anti-torture law guides which provide valuable resources to state officials and legal advisers on the legislative amendments that may be required to meet Convention obligations in respect of anti-torture legislation
  • A number of Implementation Tools which exchange practical examples to assist States to support implementation of the UNCAT
  • A series of blogs that share the experiences of new States parties to UNCAT or OPCAT, with a view to inspiring other States to consider ratifying.
  • CTI videos and short films highlighting key thematic areas in preventing torture and providing redress and rehabilitation to torture victims.
  • A compilation of training material which will enable states to educate and inform officials and the general public to understand their rights and obligations under the Convention