How CTI can help

There are a number of ways that the CTI can assist States. This includes States that are considering ratification and those that have already ratified but want help to implement the Convention more effectively.

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Regional meetings As a cross-regional initiative, CTI sees the advantages of regional and sub-regional exchanges between States that share legal traditions, practical similarities and friendship. Annually the CTI works with national counterparts to arrange a number of peer-to-peer government dialogues on themes of relevance to States in a region. These confidential meetings offer a unique opportunity for States to share experiences on the challenges and opportunities provided by ratification and implementation of the Convention with a view to building strong relationships between States at regional level.

Study visits The CTI can arrange “study visits” to Geneva for delegations from non-States-parties to the Convention who have shown an interest in learning more about what it means to be a State party. The visits generally consist of expert briefings on the Convention, meetings with high level UN and other Government officials, including the UN Committee against Torture, to explain and share views, and there are opportunities to observe a session of the Committee against Torture in their review of a State party report and the State party’s replies.

Country diplomatic and/or technical visits: CTI carries out a number of high-level diplomatic and/or technical delegation visits each year to States to provide assistance on a range of issues relating to ratification and implementation of the Convention. A seminar with national stakeholders may be included in such a visit. Visits are tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual Government, and are not used to lobby or pressure. The CTI will work in close partnership with the State in question to meet its exact needs.

High-level UN and regional events The CTI holds regular meetings at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and the UN General Assembly in New York, and also at regional fora. Through these meetings, the CTI brings together States and torture prevention experts to discuss progress and opportunities for increased ratification and better implementation of the Convention.

Tools and Guides – The CTI works with expert partners to prepare tools intended to assist officials to understand and implement the Convention more effectively.

Non-English language versions of these documents are available here.

The CTI Secretariat is also available to support States through:

  • A remote help desk, responding to technical queries relating to ratification or implementation of the Convention;
  • A referral service, connecting State requests for technical advice and support with appropriate partners and friends if the CTI is not best placed to support or advise;
  • Partnering with a diverse range of partners and experts – CTI will keep up dated with the most latest knowledge, analysis and expertise relevant to the prohibition and prevention of torture and ill-treatment.

If you believe you could benefit from participating in any of the above activities or you have a suggestion for another useful tool or guide, please contact the CTI Secretariat.