CTI Annual Report 2015

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Geneva, 15 March 2016 - CTI Annual Report 2015 highlights progress made on ratification and implementation of the Convention against Torture.

Highlights of the CTI Annual Report include:

  • Two new ratifications to the Convention against Torture – South Sudan and Viet Nam, bringing the total at year’s end to an impressive 158.
  • Summaries of the main outcomes of the four major regional meetings that were held in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Morocco and Poland on various themes - from ratification through to rehabilitation and on prevention of torture in police custody. The meetings were held as part of the CTI's strategy to share experiences between States and to facilitate Government-to-Government dialogue. The CTI also held events at diplomatic levels in Geneva and New York.
  • The publication of the Ratification Tool for the Convention against Torture, prepared in collaboration with the Association for the Prevention of Torture, and offering information on the ratification and accessions process for government ministers and advisers on how and when to ratify the treaty.
  • The establishment of a full-time Secretariat, which began its work in April 2015, greatly enhancing the capacity of the CTI to respond to State requests for assistance and to facilitate the work of the CTI.
  • The establishment of a significant online presence through social media and a bespoke website – – to keep States, partners and followers up to date with the latest activities. The CTI is also now on Twitter @cti2024 and Facebook.
  • Along with a wide range of NGOs and leading UN experts, 12 States joined the CTI Group of Friends throughout 2015 reaching an impressive 32 States members by the end of the year.

Read the Report in its full length here.