2 new CTI tools add clarity to Convention commitments

Monday, November 4, 2019

CTI has launched two easy-to-read and -understand complementary tools on the main provisions of the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT), with a view to guiding States as they take stock ahead of ratification and devise plans for implementing the Convention.

The first tool, the “UNCAT Article by Article”, provides an easy-to-read summary of UNCAT’s provisions, drafted in bullet point-style. It divides the provisions contained in UNCAT into three parts:

  • Substantive obligations (Articles 1-16),
  • Provisions relating to the functions by the UN Committee against Torture (Articles 17-24),
  • Provisions relating to the observance, ratification and interpretation of the Convention (Articles 25-33).

The second tool, CTI's “UNCAT Explainer”, groups all the provisions contained in UNCAT under 8 practical areas of implementation: prohibition; prevention; training; review of procedures; investigation, prosecution and punishment; cooperation on extradition; redress; and reporting.

Both tools clarify the purpose and provisions of the Convention, making them particularly useful in preparing Cabinet submissions or other documentation necessary for taking the decision to ratify UNCAT; and in supporting operational plans for implementing the Convention. Direct cross-references are made to CTI’s Ratification Toolkit and the various Implementation Tools CTI has pubished to date.

Dr Alice Edwards, Head of the CTI Secretariat, noted:

“These two complementary tools are intended to demystify the Convention, summarising the main obligations in simple language, and in a format that is user-friendly for State policy makers and officials. Surprisingly there are no similar tools publicly available so I believe they will contribute to easing a State's process towards ratifying and implementing the Convention.”

The UNCAT Article by Article is available here.

The UNCAT Explainer is available here.

Other language versions will be available soon here.

For more information or technical queries, please contact CTI's remote help desk at