CTI’s latest tool: Cooperation on Extradition

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

CTI released today the 6th tool in their series of UNCAT implementation tools on "Cooperation on Extradition". It focuses on the extradition framework established in the UN Convention against Torture, which enables and facilitates cooperation among States parties on extraditing those suspected of or responsible for offences of torture.

CTI 'UNCAT Implementation Tools’ are part of a series of practical tools designed to share good practices among States on the implementation of UNCAT, by offering thematic guidance and ideas for State practitioners and policymakers.

UNCAT’s extradition framework provides a smooth process between States to end the impunity of persons suspected or convicted of offences of torture, to facilitate their transfer, and ultimately to ensure that suspects are brought to justice. With provisions on mutual judicial assistance as well as consular assistance, the framework also strengthens confidence between States.

The tool sets out in an understandable format the basic elements of the framework, and provides 32 international, regional and national examples of how the framework can operate in practice.

The tool was kindly prepared for the CTI by the International Commission of Jurists.

You can read the tool here.

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