States convene for CTI seminar on UNCAT ratification

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New York, 12 May 2015 - A half-day CTI seminar promoting UNCAT ratification has taken place at UN Headquarters in New York, with representatives from 20 states participating. 

Non-States parties to the Convention as well as Government members of the CTI Group of Friends were invited to participate in this event to consider the benefits of UNCAT ratification, challenges to ratification and good practices on how to overcome them.

As a state in the process of ratifying UNCAT, representatives from Fiji were invited to share their experiences related to this process. Mr. Gene Bai from the Permanent Mission of Fiji to the UN commented that,

“the CTI’s seminar on UNCAT ratification provides for Fiji an unprecedented opportunity to show other non-States parties that a ratification process does not have to be complicated or insurmountable.”

Another non-State party to the Convention, Jamaica, also participated in the seminar. Mr. Kurt Davis from the Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the UN confirmed that he was "pleased to participate in the CTI seminar on UNCAT ratification which for us is extremely useful as it demystifies what it entails to prepare for a ratification process.”

The CTI also took the opportunity to set out how it can help states to ratify and better implement the UNCAT.

For more information on this event, and how CTI can help states during the ratification process, please contact the CTI Secretariat.