This section features relevant tools and publications, key public statements, annual reports, and event reports as well as other useful links on the prohibition of torture and other forms of ill-treatment. All our resources are freely accessible and available to download from this website.

  • Tools

    Short film: “Rehabilitation for victims of torture: Restoring their Humanity”

    “Rehabilitation for victims of torture: Restoring their Humanity” is a short film, produced by the Convention against Torture Initiative and True Heroes Films, depicting the experiences of torture, trauma and recovery.

    Watch it here in English, French, Russian or Spanish.

  • Tools

    CTI-APT Anti-Torture Law Guide

    The APT-CTI guide on anti-torture legislation is a practical tool for the adoption or revision of anti-torture legislation at the national level. The guide also promotes existing good practices with concrete examples drawn from different regions.





  • Tools

    UNCAT Ratification Tool

    This tool is intended to offer critical information on the ratification of the UN Convention against Torture for State actors as they prepare advice for government ministers on how and when to ratify the treaty.