CTI Bali Seminar report is out!

Today, the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) and the Association for the Prevention of Torture release the report of the Asia-Pacific regional seminar on “Sharing experiences and building State capacity in South East Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region: Strengthening institutional and legislative frameworks for effective law enforcement”, held in Bali, Indonesia, from 26-28 November 2019, and hosted by the Government of Indonesia. The report contains many State good practices, experiences and recommendations around strengthening anti-torture and policing legislation and regulations, applying legal and practical safeguards and non-coercive investigative interviewing, and building strong complementary institutions for an effective administration of justice.

Participants of CTI's Bali regional seminar.
Participants of CTI’s Bali regional seminar.

Some of the main recommendations contained in the report include:

  • Pursuing opportunities in regional fora to raise awareness and share experiences of ratification and implementation of the UN Convention against Torture;
  • Conducting regional technical workshops on anti-torture legislation, as well as training and international cooperation to foster cross-regional and inter-regional exchange of experiences on the implementation of investigative interviewing;
  • Sensitization courses on the risk of torture and ill-treatment in the first hours of police custody and practical knowledge on the implementation of legal and procedural safeguards to be included in police training and curriculum;
  • Using technology and digital platforms to professionalise the capacity of police and law enforcement; and
  • Providing technical support and capacity-building for OPCAT States parties in establishing National Preventive Mechanisms (NPMs) through cooperation with international organisations and national and international non-governmental actors.

The event brought together nearly 70 participants, which included representation from 18 countries from the Asia-Pacific regions and beyond, alongside UN officials and subject-matter experts.

For governments interested in learning more about CTI’s work and how can CTI support their efforts towards ratification and/or implementation of UNCAT, please contact info@cti2024.org.

The report is available here.

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