Rehabilitation for victims of torture in the OSCE region – event report published

The report of the CTI event on rehabilitation for victims of torture in the OSCE region, held in Copenhagen, is now available.

Regional meeting on rehabilitation for victims of torture OSCE countries

The CTI held a regional seminar for States in the OSCE region to share experiences and practices on implementation of torture victims’ right to rehabilitation.

More than 60 participants from across the OSCE region attended, including 22 OSCE participating States and a number of non-governmental experts and experienced rehabilitation practitioners.

The event identified a number of key opportunities, as well as challenges, in realising the right to rehabilitation in the OSCE region. The event noted that a number of rehabilitation services and practitioners with extensive expertise in supporting torture victims, and relevant government services, such as social, legal and health support, are generally well developed. There is also a growing body of knowledge about identification of victims and their needs and what are the most effective rehabilitation methodologies.

At the same time, the lack of acknowledgement of torture in some countries has denied rehabilitation to those in need. In others, States rely entirely on the private or NGO sector to deliver, at a time without any government funding or only partial funding, giving rise to funding instability. In countries where rehabilitation services are State funded, some noted challenges included ensuring independence in service delivery and accountability for rehabilitation services towards victims.

From among the States participating, a wide range of good examples were provided about how the State can realise the right to rehabilitation for victims of torture.

The full report of the regional meeting can be read here.

The programme is available here.

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