UN Committee briefed on CTI progress

Geneva, 7 August 2015 – The UN Committee against Torture held a session with representatives from the CTI to hear about recent progress and future plans.

Palais Wilson, Geneva

The CTI delegation was led by the Permanent Representative of Denmark, Carsten Staur and consisted of representatives from each of the remaining CTI founding states – Chile, Morocco, Ghana and Indonesia – and the Head of the CTI Secretariat, Lee Hegarty.

The Committee was briefed on CTI progress since they had last heard from the CTI in late 2014. Ambassador Staur informed Committee members about the drive towards universal ratification, including the focus on the Caribbean, Pacific and ASEAN regions. He also spoke about the recent high level events in New York and Geneva and CTI hosting a study visit for a delegation from Myanmar in  May. 

Other CTI representatives alerted Committee members to major CTI events that would be taking place in their respective regions, including planned CTI events in Bali, San Jose, Marrakech and Accra.

The Committee expressed continued support for the initiative and agreed that it would be useful to receive similar such briefings and updates from CTI representatives on a regular basis.  

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