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Advice Hub

Welcome to the CTI Advice Hub, a comprehensive, interactive support platform for State authorities and national institutions and practitioners seeking information on the ratification and implementation of the UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT). Here you can find:

  • answers to the most commonly asked questions,
  • access to the database of CTI tools, guides and other resources where you can research additional resources, and
  • if you need further or more tailored information or advice, you can contact us directly.

Contact an Expert Directly

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answer some of the most commonly asked questions about ratification of the UN Convention against Torture, domestic implementation and reporting, developed over many years from CTI’s discussions with States and their institutions around the globe.

CTI’s Advice Hub is made up of a team of leading anti-torture experts and other subject-matter specialists covering a wide range of issues relevant to the implementation of UNCAT, such as police and law enforcement, legislative review and reform, policy drafting, prison reform, complaints, investigations and prosecutions, and redress for victims. They have provided confidential advice to many governments, and assisted them to take action towards torture prevention, eradication and redress.

We are ready to help!