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Welcome to the CTI Video and Short Film platform with content highlighting the benefits of applying UNCAT and sharing insights on the treaty as a helpful, practical instrument guiding government agencies’ responses to wrongdoing and systemic abuses.

Watch featured content that inspires, educates, motivates and informs viewers on issues germane to the global movement in support of torture prevention and latest developments in the fair administration of justice, reconciliation in communities, and rehabilitation for survivors.

CTI videos are also available/accessible for public showing at torture prevention and human rights related events without prior written consent from the CTI Secretariat.

Trademark Video: What is UNCAT all about?

An animated video produced by the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) and Nice & Serious on the benefits of ratifying and realising the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT). UNCAT is the international human rights treaty guiding States on how to prevent and respond to torture and other ill-treatment. This short video explains succinctly the main aspects of UNCAT and how CTI can assist States to put it into action.

CTI Short Film on recovering from torture

“Rehabilitation for victims of torture: Restoring their Humanity” is a short film, produced by the Convention against Torture Initiative and True Heroes Films, depicting the experiences of torture, trauma and recovery. Vincent Cochetel was kidnapped at gunpoint near Chechnya in 1998, while working for the United Nations. He was violently interrogated and abused by his captors, and held in near complete darkness for 317 days, before being released.

He explains – in his own words – his long yet powerful road to recovery.

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