CTI supports co-operation amongst ASEAN States in fight against torture

Bali, Indonesia – A two day regional workshop has taken place for ASEAN Member States focusing on preserving human dignity by preventing torture and ill-treatment in ASEAN.

Delegates from the ASEAN region at the CTI event in Bali, Indonesia

The workshop was jointly organised by the CTI, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AICHR and APT and aimed to promote constructive dialogue and strategic cooperation among ASEAN Member States on a preventive agenda, to improve the understanding among ASEAN Member States on the preventive approach in reducing the risk of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, and to promote cooperation amongst ASEAN Member States with international partners on a preventive approach.

While Director for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs of Indonesia, Mr. Dicky Komar stressed “that the collaboration between ASEAN Member States, the CTI and the APT has a very real potential to contribute to the goal of making the UNCAT universally ratified within the next 10 years”, Ambassador Triyono Wibowo, Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the UN in Geneva hoped that “the workshop would inspire the remaining five ASEAN Member States that are still not parties to the UNCAT to ratify in the years to come.”

From the region, the workshop was attended by AICHR representatives, representatives from ASEAN Member States’ government agencies relevant to torture prevention, ASEAN Sectorial Bodies, representatives from National Human Rights Institution (NHRI), civil society organizations (CSOs), and representatives from UN agencies.

Chair of the Committee on the Prevention of Torture in Africa, Mr. Lawrence Mute, was invited to share good practices on torture prevention from the African region and emphasized that “torture prevention is not an easy task but a continuous one. The goal to eradicate torture is ambitious and working towards this, we must not be discouraged to see that it is still happening – we just need more walk and less talk.”

Read the workshop report here.

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